SIGN CHINA 2020 • Shanghai

2020.9.17-19 | Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Centre

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Spoil alert! Preview of LED illuminant & lighting exhibits!

11.07.2019 17:34

With the rapid development of technology, LED illuminat,light box and LED Neon has become an important part of your business’s overall marketing strategy. Not only does it attract attention to your business, but also reinforces your brand by ensuring that passers-by notice and start to recognise your company logo, colours, etc.
Under the fierce business competition, how to choose the cost-effective LED illuminat & LED supplier and how to let them help your business is now we’re all facing.
This week we have prepared handful preview of LED illuminat & lighting exhibits from SIGN CHINA 2019 • Shanghai. Let’s see if there’s any useful information for your business.
LED Illminate & Lighting
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Light Box
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LED Neon
Click to see more LED Neon exhibits
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