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What is a plastic light box?

01.10.2019 22:50

Plastic light box characteristics and applications: plastic light box is a new type of outdoor media introduced from abroad in recent years, as an avant-garde advertising product, strong three-dimensional sense, rich color, low cost, favored by the majority of customers, its application and development speed is very fast.


The characteristics and advantages of plastic light box:

(1)Bright color, remarkable effect.

(2)Resistance to high temperature, climate change and environment}

(3)Not easy to deform, not easy to fade (generally color 8-10 years)

(4)Corrosion resistance good waterproof, fire prevention, prevent spontaneous combustion in recent years from abroad to introduce a new type of outdoor media, avant-garde advertising products, three-dimensional sense of strong, rich color, low cost, has been favored by customers, its application and development is very fast. Mainly used in:

1, construction, such as: doors and windows, soundproof door wall, lighting cover, solar collector, telephone booth and so on.

2. Advertising display categories, such as: light box, signboard, display rack, ball cover, guide board and so on.

3. Industrial products such as dashboard, machine cover, flow meter, etc.

4. Lighting, such as: daylight lampshade, various shapes of lampshade for environmental purification equipment.

5. Civil, such as: sanitary equipment, dresser, photo frame, article rack, gift, souvenir, cool chair backrest, candy box, reference frame, food cover and so on.

6. Medical products, such as baby incubator, toolbox, thermostat, operating cabinet, etc.

7. Special uses, such as aircraft, yachts and vehicle windows and windscreens, submarines and trench periscope, etc.


Source: Internet

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