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What are the types of greenway signs?

02.10.2019 22:53

Greenway is a green open space corridor system composed of slow traffic system and service facilities, which is based on natural elements, natural cultural landscape and leisure facilities as series nodes. Green road, the main function is to protect the ecological space of the system, historical and cultural display system, healthy living activities, tourism network support system, the plan to connect urban and rural areas as a whole system, green corridor on both sides of the ManXingDao plant community composition, water, and so on have a certain width of green landscape ecological corridor, artificial system ManXingDao posts, signs and nodes, such as four parts, So how is the greenway sign set up? Next, the editor will tell you.


1. The indication sign of the greenway post should be set in advance, the distance is 500 meters, within 1 km from the entrance of the green gate.


2.Two greenways are set up at two provincial greenway intersections, which represent two greenways respectively.


3. Within 500 meters along the greenway and within 1 kilometer of the express station along the greenway, instructions and signs of the express station will be set up in advance.


4. Greenway / express station sign.


5. Garden Road Information Wall. Wide area boot mapping. A map of the guiding area.


6. Landscape introduction sign, along the greenway scenic spot, set up according to the need. Cultural introduction logo.


7. Identification of management instructions.


8. Identification and location: within 1 km of the information source (destination) that requires key knowledge, set the distance of 200-500 meters in advance. The distance depends.


9. Tree-lined road information.


10.Service facility identification, bicycle rental office, parking lot, tourism center, toilet, traffic transfer point, catering point, telephone booth, post office, medical point and so on;


11. Naming signs shall be set up on the walls of areas of historical and cultural value, scenic spots and service facilities such as buildings and structures around buildings;


12. Garden road information block. Source: Internet