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Production and use of large, small and medium-sized logo signs

02.10.2019 22:54

In the logo production industry, there are many classification methods of logo, there are classification according to the material, there are also classification according to the environment in which the logo is used, and according to whether the logo has a light source or not.


These classification methods have their own characteristics. In fact, the logo manufacturer can also according to the volume of the logo, the logo products can be generally divided into large, medium and small three different types.


Small and medium-sized signage is not only a large number of signage products, but also a sign product with great market demand in the signage production industry. The logo of different volume size, its use and production are quite different, the following inscription logo signage factory and you take a look at the difference between them.


First, large-scale logo: there are not many kinds of large-scale logo, which are generally used in shopping malls and shopping malls, the entrance advertising words of shopping malls are spiritual fortress, the height of large-scale spiritual fortress is more than 10 meters, metal material is used in real estate sales department, hotel guide and scenic spot entrance are more.


Second, medium logo: first of all, we like the same volume logo, which represents the product is the guide plate, the medium volume sign use environment is more extensive, mostly for the indoor environment sign. Most commercial logos, generally including commercial signs, brand logos, advertising image logos and real estate logos, and so on, these signs belong to some medium-sized logo products. The function of these signs is not just an indicative product. And it's part of the urban environment. We can see that many medium-sized signage products have a variety of shapes and eye-catching forms, and we will even feel that high-quality logos are a kind of landscape, installation art or sculpture works of art. For medium-sized signage, it is not only a kind of logo, but also a kind of advertisement, a kind of taste, a kind of culture, which needs to have multi-angle consideration in design and cooperate with other environmental elements. The making method and installation position of the sign should be reasonable. For a traditional cultural signage, it is necessary to consider the history, connotation and cultural trajectory of the signage environment. In any case, the design and production of signage products should continue to improve, improper design, not only can not achieve their own functions, but also have a serious destructive power to the environment.


Third, small logo: small logo, including flowers and plants, house number, prompt logo and so on, small logo production materials can choose some organic materials to make, so as to reduce the cost of logo production. Of course, small logo is a kind of short-range logo product, this kind of logo production is characterized by the requirement of high precision, small logo as exquisite as handicrafts.


 Source: Internet