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How much do you know about sign guidance systems in cities?

22.12.2019 18:15


The city is the main battlefield of modern life. And how much do we know about cities?


The guide signs are planned, designed, manufactured, installed, and maintained after they are put into use. They are intertwined, influential and inseparable. But here we mainly discuss the planning and design of guide signs. Planning is the guiding ideology for the design, manufacture and installation of guidance systems, the first step in urban guidance systems engineering, and the prerequisite for the creation of an excellent urban guidance system.


When planning the guidance system, we must consider the overall positioning of the city, study the overall planning of the city, and carry out on the basis of the "Urban Planning Law" and the relevant concepts and principles of the guidance design. The planning and layout of the urban guidance system should be considered from both macro and micro perspectives. The urban guidance system is an integral part of the urban environment. Its layout is part of the overall urban planning and is affected and restricted by the urban planning. Therefore, the planning of the urban guidance system should be integrated into the urban environment planning. The size and shape strive to be unified and harmonious with urban planning. From a micro perspective, each guide sign is a component of the entire guide sign system. Each guide sign should be traceable and continuous with the entire guide sign system. In the entire guide sign system, Each guide sign should be no less, no less, just right.


A city is a spatial structure with a huge scale. This kind of spatial scale often takes a long time to perceive. A scene contains more content than we can directly feel. The existence of the guidance system is to guide people to receive these hidden information so that the scale of the city can be clearly perceived.


The design of the city guide system is a way and means for people to communicate with space. The image of the city is the result of communication, otherwise the relationship between the city and people will only be isolated. People's perception of the city is largely affected by factors such as human physiological height, walking speed, and viewing angle.


The logo guidance system is really a bridge between people and space, and between people and cities. As an entity in urban space, it will inevitably have a certain connection and interaction with the surrounding space. If the guide is too small for other facilities in the concealed space, it is too small to serve as a guide. Therefore, correct and harmonious handling of the size of the signage and guiding the rational distribution and flow of the crowd is the key to creating a harmonious urban space environment and a clear urban scale.


On the macro level, the scale is the attention to the overall urban space in the design of the guidance guidance system. On the micro level, the user's comfort and the effectiveness of information transmission are considered from the perspective of the user. The guidance system can reflect the human side of the city. When designing, you must fully consider the comfort of the human body. From this perspective, ergonomics has a strong guiding significance for the design of urban guidance systems. It is the guidance system design Important background knowledge.


The main function of ergonomics in the design of the guide system for urban signs is to adapt the environmental factors of guides to the needs of human life activities through the correct understanding of psychology and physiology, thereby improving the design quality goal. It provides dimensional basis for the design of the guidance system, determines the spatial extent and the adaptability of the organ.


For example, under what circumstances can human senses feel stimuli, what stimuli are acceptable, what kinds of stimuli are unacceptable ... These are the topics of ergonomic research. Because people's sensory abilities are different, in the design of urban guidance systems, ergonomics must study not only the general laws, but also the differences in sensory abilities of people of different ages and genders, as well as people's vision, Physiological phenomena such as visual adaptation and optical illusion.


To sum up, in the process of designing the urban signage guidance system, the meticulous size and scale can make the urban spatial structure clearer, so that people can feel the more pleasing urban space and enjoy life Convenience and comfort.


Source: 68 sign