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Advertising material for subway light boxes was originally polycarbonate sheet

24.12.2019 21:43


Do office workers who crowd the subway every day notice any kind of subway advertisements? In addition to creativity, have you thought about what kind of materials these subway ads are?


The advertising light box panel you see in the subway every day may be polycarbonate sheet. Polycarbonate sheet is widely used, especially in the construction market, such as light boxes in subway stations, LED lighting and sound barriers.


Polycarbonate plate is abbreviated as PC plate, which is produced by using polycarbonate polymer as raw material, using advanced formula and latest extrusion technology. PC board is a new type of high-strength, light-transmitting building material, and it is the best building material to replace glass and organic glass. Compared with laminated glass, tempered glass, and insulating glass, PC board has more excellent properties such as light weight, weather resistance, super strength, flame resistance, sound insulation, etc., and has become a very popular building decoration material.

The production process of PC board is extrusion molding, and the main equipment required is an extruder. Because the processing of PC resin is difficult, the production equipment is required to be high. Most of the domestic equipment for producing PC boards is imported, most of which come from Italy, Germany and Japan. Most of the resins used were imported from GE in the United States and Baver in Germany. Before extrusion, the material should be dried strictly so that its water content is below 0.02% (mass fraction). Extrusion equipment should be equipped with vacuum drying hoppers, sometimes in series. The temperature of the body of the extruder should be controlled at 230-350 ° C, and gradually increased from back to front. The machine head used is a flat slit machine head. After extrusion, it is cooled by calendering. In recent years, in order to meet the requirements of UV resistance of PC boards, the surface of PC boards is often covered with a thin layer containing ultraviolet (UV) additives. The bottom layer does not contain UV additives. The two layers are compounded in the machine head and become one after extrusion. The design of this machine head is more complicated. Some companies have adopted some new technologies. For example, Bayer uses technologies such as co-extrusion systems with specially designed melt pumps and combiners. In addition, there are requirements for dew drops on the PC board in some occasions, so there should be a dew drop prevention coating on the other side. Other PC boards require UV-resistant layers on both sides, making this PC board production process more complicated.


Subway stations are one of the most densely populated areas. The construction of modern subway station facilities places higher requirements on safety and aesthetics. Compared with glass and acrylic, the material properties of polycarbonate sheet have strong advantages in all aspects.


PC board has good flame retardancy, no toxic gas is generated during combustion, and its smoke concentration is lower than that of wood and paper. It is determined as a first-grade flame retardant material and meets environmental standards. After 30s of combustion, the combustion length did not exceed 25mm, and the flammable gas was decomposed only when the hot air was as high as 467 ° C. Therefore, after relevant measurement, the fire performance is considered to be qualified.


When the polycarbonate sheet material is used in the advertising light box panel, it not only meets the fire rating required by the national building code; it is not broken and provides good safety in areas with dense crowds; the weight is half of glass, which is very convenient for daily advertising replacement.


When the polycarbonate sheet material uses LED lighting, it also meets the fire rating required by the national building code; it has high impact strength and flatness to support large-size flat lamp shapes; and can provide cutting, cold bending and other supporting processing services .


In addition, one of the advantages of polycarbonate sheet material is that it has excellent sound insulation performance. It has high impact strength and minimizes daily maintenance due to fragmentation.


China is experiencing the most rapid urbanization in human history. According to World Bank statistics, 20 million people move into cities every year in China, which means 1.7 million people per month, which is equivalent to the population of Hamburg or Philadelphia.


 Such a large-scale urbanization process has created huge opportunities for the development of infrastructure such as high-speed rail and subways. They will be a key growth area in China's construction market in the next few years. Polycarbonate sheets have a wide range of applications in infrastructure construction. growing space.


Source: CPRJ Plastic Rubber