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Nanjing Metro Newspaper Station Advertising and Light box Advertising

25.12.2019 22:19

After the subway station advertisement is put in, the effect is not immediately reflected, but the overall attention will be significantly improved; because the advertisement is displayed, people will understand and browse, and may not necessarily buy directly. The advertisements of subway stations are highly viewed, because the daily commute peaks are relatively intensive, so when they are displayed, they can be concentrated or placed for a long time. In order for people to see it once, twice, and three times, they can clearly remember and understand this product. Generally, when people go to work or work, there are many people, but the chance of watching advertisements is not great. Now they are watching mobile phones, and subway advertising cars are not necessarily excellent; but if it can give people a fresh overall picture feeling It will make people remember at a glance, such as subway car floor advertisements, car roof advertisements, handles, etc. are all places that must be noticed. The chances of being seen are greater than other places, and the escalator advertisement is Why is this place good? Longxi Communication Group ’s subway station advertising method: when the escalator is used, people are reminded not to look at mobile phones, when people do not look at mobile phones, they will be bored to look at other places, this place will be more clear Remember that when people's eyes leave the place where they have been staring for a long time, they will then move to other possible places to give the eyes a certain rest, so the advertising picture is their good destination. Therefore, it is ideal to advertise in places where people do not watch mobile phones.



Is there anything special about advertising in the subway? What processes are needed for subway advertising? This is the basic knowledge necessary for subway advertising. You must know how much investment and production ratio can be used for subway advertising. You can decide where to put it. The time and type of advertising are all your own. It can be decided; what can not be advertised in the subway station is the flow of passengers, as well as the tastes and shopping habits of consumers; it can only attract customers today by changing its advertising content, which is creativity. When I waited for the subway in the morning, the advertisements on the body were more obvious. There was an English training advertisement before, the effect was more obvious; I could see the huge fonts and eye-catching brand names in the first time; Be able to remember.



Subway station advertisements are just like when we watch news or novels on mobile phones. Once viewed, they are automatically divided into important, secondary, moderately important, interested, uninterested, and can continue to be pursued. Therefore, if the impression of the advertisement is ordinary or dispensable for most people, and the impression is not retained, the result will usually be mediocre. If it is not urgently needed, it may be forgotten. The novel headlines and slogans can attract consumers' attention at once, but they must be connotable after being attracted. You can't have nothing inside just to attract. When the real needs of consumers are directly connected with the advertising content, there will be a direct effect; if there are indirect needs or potential needs, they may be understood through other platforms and then evaluated or selected based on the impression. When people desperately need a certain item or service, it is the brand choice that becomes more bland. When there is a certain discrepancy between the economic strength and the desired goods or services, brand selection will become the top priority, and the multi-faceted comparison will be used to choose the one with the highest cost performance and careful investment. When the consumption level is lower or far lower than the content of the advertisement, the consumer treats the advertisement only as a spectator. It does not matter to people whether they can choose and choose which brand. Therefore, advertising should also be targeted to the consumer groups, as far as possible to meet the majority, civilian consumption can long become the focus of brand competition.



I may see an advertisement at a subway station, it feels very novel, and there are many intentions; I will think about it. After leaving the subway station, it will be replaced by other things in front of you, and will soon be transferred to a new place, so the advertisement is just like turning a book, and a glance at it cannot be truly remembered; if you really want to remember , It is necessary to resonate with consumer psychology; really be able to consider for consumers and help them solve problems, rather than large and broad brand publicity, but not consider consumers in detail and reality. Remember that an advertisement takes a long time, so it must be continuously accumulated, and at the same time, it must be appropriately adjusted according to the festive atmosphere or market trends, that is, follow the flow; in order to keep up, but the quality and business management behind the brand is a strong support ; Whether the brand can stand upright in the storm of competition for a long time determines the development prospect and future potential of the product or service.


Source: Early Sun After Rain