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2020.9.17-19 | Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Centre

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Stand by You, Wuhan!

26.02.2020 16:56

The Novel Coronavirus continue to rage on a large scale across China, but we all stand together to go through this tough time. People from all over the world have been trying their best to support Wuhan, support China, including many exhibitors from SIGN CHINA below are partial exhibitors who have made contributions help to overcome the Novel Coronavirus. Their effort represents the concern and support from all exhibitors and many other entrepreneurs who put social benefit first. We admire their decision and appreciate their contribution.
In order to support the prevention and control of the Novel Coronavirus, Shanghai NAR donated RMB 200,000 to purchase medical supplies for the affected areas.
January 26, JHF donated RMB 1,000,000 to the prevention and control of the Novel Coronavirus. They also set up the internal prevention and control team, to prevent the spread of the virus.
Haining Jinmao Warp Knitting Co., Ltd., donated RMB 100,000 to Haining Charity Federation to support the prevention and control of the Novel Coronavirus.
January 30, Zhejiang Chengrudan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd(CRD)., donated RMB 200,000 to Hanning Red Cross, included RMB 100,000 to Zhejiang Qianjiang Branch of Zhejiang Seal Rescue Team for the prevention and control of the Novel Coronavirus.
Beijing Longdiao Nc Equipment Co.,LTD., donated RMB 50,000 to Hubei Red Cross for the prevention and control of the Novel Coronavirus.
Once Shenzhen Leyard Opto-electronic Co.,Ltd knew that it was available to donate medical supplies to the affect areas. They collected and donated 100,000 N95 surgical masks to Wuhan city, to prevent and control of the Novel Coronavirus.
February 4, Unilumin Group Co., Ltd noticed that they would like to donate RMB 5,000,000, includes RMB 3,000,000 cash and RMB 2,000,000 global medical supplies to the prevention and control of the Novel Coronavirus system and medical centers. Also, they would like to donate LED Smart TV (UTV III – Ultra HD LED Display) with emergency rescue visualization software system to the hospitals and other prevention and control centers.
Xiamen Qiangli Jucai Opto-electronic Technology Co., Ltd (known as ‘Qiangliled’), donated RMB 2,000,000 cash to purchase medical supplies for Wuhan area.
MAXHUB – as sub-brand of Guangzhou Shiyuan Electronic Technology Company Limited to provide conference panels. Four engineers provide 14 conference panels to Wuhan on January 31. Doctors would use the panels to conduct online consultation, which helps to reduce the risk of infection.
During this tough period, in order to provide as much as medical supplies to the affected areas, Dicolor coordinate overseas and its own clients’ resources to purchase medical supplies and have already donated more than 100,000 surgical masks to the prevention and control centers.
Huizhou Desay Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd donated RMB 3,000,000 for Huizhou city to support Huizhou the prevention and control center.
February 1, DSBJ donated total RMB 10,000,000 to Suzhou Red Cross and Yancheng city Red Cross, for the headquarter of the prevention and control center, Hubei Province. This donation is for providing medical supplies to guarantee all medical personnel safety.
Thank you for all support again!
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