Time:Sep 19th, 13:30-16:00 Target Audience: Brand marketer, advertisers, designers, media
Time Topic Speaker
13:30-14:00    Reform and opportunity of domestic Digital signage    Devin Liu, Editor, DS-360 digital signage network
14:00-14:30    Application of digital signage in new retail technology    Lucos Lou, Marketing Director, Shanghai SEEYOO
14:30-15:00    How does scene marketing create " abnormal"
   Chen Weiling, Creative Partner,
   Shanghai tianyukong advertising co., ltd.
   How can media innovation help maximize the value of
   advertising positions?
   Ricky Ma, Product Director, Hangzhou PJL Cultural Creative Co.,Ltd
   AR interaction brings new opportunities and challenges to the
   advertising and marketing industry
   Enxiang Li, Vice president of operations, Shenzhen Blaz Information
   Technology Co., LTD
Devin Liu
DS-360 digital signage network
Lucos Lou
Marketing Director
Shanghai SEEYOO
Enxiang Li,
Vice president of operations
Shenzhen Blaz Information Technology Co., LTD
Chen Weiling
Creative Partner
Shanghai tianyukong advertising co., ltd.
Ricky Ma
Product Director
Hangzhou PJL Cultural Creative Co.,Ltd