Designer Theatre invites famous designers to elaborate creative ideas, share creative ideas and experience from city vision, architectural design, signage design, helping individuals, enterprises and even the industry to reimagine and discover innovative values through case analysis and data examination
Time:Sep 19th 16:20-17:20 Target Audience:architects and graphic designers, design educators, construction developers, city operators, etc.
Time Topic Speaker
   Incorporating New Technologies and Space Planning
   Into the Design?
   Kevin Xia, Co-founder, CMDH Urban Visual Design
16:50-17:20    Soul of branding - How to create a holistic design experience
   Jingjing Zou, Asia-Pacific Market Director,
   Lorenc+Yoo Design
Kevin Xia
CMDH Urban Visual Design
Jingjing Zou
Asia-Pacific Market Director
Lorenc+Yoo Design