Future Sign Academy Advisory Boards
Content is key to our communities to stay informed and continue to be inspired. We work closely with the thought leaders via the advisory boards so that the content program is developed by the community, for the community
Similar to the prestigious advisory boards for GDC, BlackHat, Hotelex, , ISA or DSE, Future Sign Academy (FSA ) will invite opinion leaders from the industry to represent the communities and advocate for their education needs. The board will come together 1-2 times a year to discuss the emerging trends and topics to guide the development of the content program throughout the calendar year.
If you consider being a part of Future Sign Academy Advisory Board, we are available to discuss any questions you may have. You can reach us by email or phone.
Expected commitments from Advisory Board members:
1. Brainstorm content topics of particular interest to communities looking to advance in the signage deployment.
2. Commit to recommending, advising and inviting potential presenters to present sessions at the FSA event. Advisory Board members are particularly
  encouraged to seek out presenters from underrepresented demographic categories.
3. Represent Future Sign Academy publicly - be available for media interviews, promote via social media through own networks.
*Please be noted that members are expected to make speaker selections from a vendor-neutral point of view.
We expect that a reviewer’s employer agenda will not influence their selections.
Advisory Board members’ benefits:
1. Feature Advisory Board members on the website, press release, marketing collateral and social media
2. Interview and editorial feature before, during and after the events.
3. Gratis entry to the event and VIP facilities on site with invitations to organizer special activities
Time requirements:
During the program development process, the Advisory Board may have meeting once or twice per year in order to review the topic submissions and update speaker invitations. There may also be some follow-up questions/discussions by email or phone call but we promise to keep this to a minimum.
FSA Current advisory board members:
  Qin LI
  Vice President
  Focus Media
  Qin LI has Joined Focus Media since 2003, mainly in charge of national development of media department, promote national business of building LCD, building frame, digital 2.0, she has rich knowledge and experience in ads industry. With her strong persistence and leadership,she led the team to completebusiness development in 120 cities and more than 90% of high-end buildings. With her outstanding performance, she has made great contributions to focus media’s long-term development. She also acquired EMBA degree from Antai College of Shanghai Jiao tong University.
  Danny Gu
  President, A.E. SMITH (CHINA) CO.,Ltd
  Chairman, World Image Holdings Co.,Ltd
  President, Shanghai Pico Management Co.,Ltd
  Danny is the Member of CPPCC in Jiading District, Shanghai, Vice President of Shanghai Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions, Vice President of Hong Kong Federation of Shanghai Jiading District, Vice President of Shanghai Sign Industry Association, he got Outstanding Businessman ofModern Services Industry prize in Jiading for 3 years in row.
  He studied MBA in George Brown College in Toronto, Canada, acquired double bachelor degrees and master degree.

  Stephane BIHOREL
  BD Director of Malherbe Design Asia
  MBA Alumni from Science Po Paris / Tongji Shanghai / Tsinghua Beijing University, obtained in 2006. Since Stephane is involved in retail / identity projects among Asia markets, through concepts and events collaboration with International brands (Hermes, Lvmh, La Prairie), until lighting design for Dior, Channel, Diesel and master projects. Stephane joined Malherbe Design in 2015 to develop Asia networks / market focus into brands with International perspectives and Real Estate developers. His mission: spread Malherbe Design signature, philosophy and expertise.
  Ke Bi
  Graduated from Central Academy of Craft Art, which is now known as The Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University.
  Ever since his colleague years, BI was often engaged in stagecraft design, exhibition display design, art of behavior, creative advertisement planning and production, CIS design implementation, film and television planning and production, theater planning and performance, corporate branding and marketing. For over 30 years, BI has been practicing a variety of categories in the field of visual art and gradually builds a new academic theory based on his own understanding and insight.

  Jingjing Zou
  Member of SEGD
  Asia-pacific market director, Lorenc+Yoo design
  TEDxFuxingPark, founder and curator
  Bachelor of architecture, Southeast university
  Master of Urban Design Shanghai Tongji University, TU Berlin
  Besides being an architect, Ms. Zou jingjing is also a market expert and curator. The Non profit TEDxFuxingPark has been around for 5 years. Ms. Zou has many years of working experience working with GOA, Softgrid, Geottsch Partners renowned domestic and international design firms. She now works for Lorenc+yoo Design, representing their Asia-pacific marketing business.