What is the weight of the material in the signage? do you know?

05.01.2020 22:55

Complete guide information, materials, and craftsmanship are indispensable links. The choice of materials accounts for a large proportion of the signage. Identification signs are carriers of information. With the advancement of new materials and technology, users also have a great influence on the choice of information carriers. The test results of the materials provided by the supplier when negotiating the plan is also a necessary link, otherwise the loss is inestimable.
Choosing a suitable material will save a lot of trouble for subsequent processing, and the cost of material replacement will also vary greatly with the choice of material. In order to fully realize the design, the proper material selection is the most important part of the discussion.
Acrylic sheet, KT board, self-adhesive, spray printing, metal plate screen printing, new media technology, servo motor, etc. According to the needs of price positioning and design, the choice of materials occupies a decisive position in the guide design. Among them, it is worth recommending that acrylic material is one of the more commonly used materials. Here are some common and widely used materials.
(1) Aluminum plate is a very popular carrier material. Painting aluminum plate can prevent corrosion. Generally, highway guidance systems are made of this material. The cost of this material is relatively low, but the disadvantage is that weather causes the greatest damage to this material, so in general, the guidance system with a short aging time is mostly guided by this material.
(2) Glass or acrylic has a noble temperament. The smooth surface can reflect the beautiful environment. The glass has no rain static electricity, so it does not adsorb dust. Office or public places choose this material mostly.
(3) The fabric surface or vinyl surface is calculated at the price per square meter, which should be a relatively low-cost information carrier, and its processing technology has also achieved relatively good development. There are different material qualities from coarse eyed network structure to top quality plain linen. The longer the viewing distance, the coarser the sharpness on materials and prints. When printing must pay attention to its resistance to fading, this material is better for indoor guidance applications.
(4) The wood material is relatively close to nature. The disadvantage is that the weather is not durable and often requires post-processing maintenance. Due to its strong nature, there are many public signs such as parks that use such materials for signage.
The production of the logo mainly depends on visual communication to understand how consumers are connected with the logo. The most important point of identification is to convey information that meets consumer needs. However, many retailers tend to be stuck on the content of the sign, and the creator of the logo should tell the retailers exactly what information can be placed on the logo and what information should not be placed on the logo.
Now that you know some basic information about logo production, let's now understand what are the requirements on the selection of materials for logo production?
 1. Cost of use of signage and service maintenance
Excellent design solutions have strong execution ability. One of the obvious characteristics is to consider issues from the perspective of customers. We cannot blindly pursue the satisfaction of visual effects and ignore the economically acceptable range of customers. The customer cannot afford the pressure, and the design plan cannot be adopted and implemented, which means that it is worthless.
2.Consideration of the lifespan
According to the needs of different customers, some logos are only used within a short period of time, and some logos need to be used for a long time. At this time, the logo designer must consider the life of the logo. The length of the service life has a certain relationship with the selection of materials. For long-term selection of signage label materials, it is necessary to pay attention to the service life. The wrong selection of materials will not only cause loss to customers, but also cause unnecessary trouble to future after-sales maintenance. The use time is short, as long as the visual effect and the use cost are considered, ordinary materials can basically be satisfied.
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