Aluminum alloy signage material

09.01.2020 23:04

The aluminum alloy logo in the modern identification system refers to the aluminum alloy as the material and the modular design of the structure, which is easy to unify and standardize. Aluminum alloy is a precious metal with good texture and matte metal texture, noble and not arrogant, slow oxidation, light weight, stylish and neat appearance, and can have special texture effect through some surface treatment.
The development of aluminum alloy logos has now become a complete and well-designed logo category. Come on logo The first aluminum alloy logo in China also began to imitate European products, but now as many companies invest in this industry to promote his rapid development, the most important thing is that they launched a series of successes for the Chinese market Has already formed an aluminum alloy sign industry with Chinese characteristics, and some series have successfully entered foreign markets.
The biggest features of aluminum alloy materials:
Light, because the weight of aluminum sheet per square meter is 2.71kg / mm, the panel can be as thick as 3mm or more, which greatly increases the flatness of the font surface;
Not easy to rust-the aluminum plate will oxidize slowly, and there will be no rust stains to pollute the wall;
Easy to color-easy to make the paint film adhere, if properly processed, the surface durability can almost be comparable to automotive finishes.
Easy to install and much lighter due to its low weight.
Compared with traditional materials, it does not rust, has various surface treatment forms, and the content information can be replaced independently. The subsequent use cost is low and the maintenance is extremely convenient. This product was introduced to China in the middle of the 1990s. It has been widely used in some high-end environments with strong uniformity, especially in hospitals. It was quickly accepted by some environments and replaced the traditional copper plate etching. , Plexiglass printing and other products. However, due to the need for personalized expressiveness, some environments require a personalized design, but compared to module materials, the cost of personalized production will be higher.
The selection of the marked material is mainly based on the effect after processing, and the reference principle of materials science is applied. From the perspective of ergonomics, the product should consider a variety of factors in the design of the specific environment: the convenience of product use, the reliability of installation, and the low cost of maintenance. The popular module structure-oriented products abroad have fully considered these needs. Coupled with the precious metal aluminum alloy with many advantages as the material, the grade of the logo can be increased. Firstly, different modules are made of lightweight aluminum gold, and different combinations are designed according to different needs, with fixed accessories and surface treatments, and finally graphic treatments, so different shapes of guide cards are formed.
The selection of the substrate should also consider its surface treatment. For example, in a public environment such as a hospital, the logo emphasizes its clarity and readability. Therefore, the matte paint finish has replaced the glossy paint, which solves the copper plate, stainless And reflective issues with materials such as glass. Now many hospitals accept to use this process, because the maintenance cost is very low, which is a measure of the "performance-price ratio" of the operators.
Disadvantages of aluminum alloy materials:
Its disadvantages are also obvious. First, the cost is slightly higher, and it needs to be produced by a professional factory. The welding process is similar to stainless steel, but the aluminum plate is soft. During the welding process, the level of the processor will directly affect the flatness and reliability of the surface of the finished character, and the welding spot is large, which is not easy to be polished and flattened. This also makes the aluminum alloy logo inadequate in modern logo design in the United States, because modern logos not only require a unified overall image, but also have characteristics. The difficulty of the aluminum alloy welding process limits its alienation and product diversity. In addition, the surface technology of aluminum alloy has a single effect. In some places with poor light, the aluminum alloy logo is poorly recognizable in places without a light source.
Diversified application phase of aluminum alloy sign:
Since the aluminum alloy modular sign product is an introduced product, Come Sign has not only strengthened the shape and function adaptability for a long period of time, but also has a weaker application and development of multiple materials and processes, but the market demand is getting worse. Higher and higher, on the basis of convenience and practicality, customers also need the requirements of beauty, change, etc., and they have to force the industry to research the aluminum alloy modular sign again to realize diversified applications.
Characteristics of aluminum alloy module identification during this period:
The variety of profiles brought by the process change of aluminum alloy production itself. The combination of aluminum alloy and various materials forms a variety of aluminum alloy modular logos.
The initial aluminum was anodized, and it could only be oxidized. Later, the electrolyte was changed to achieve the bronze color. These two main colors have been used in China for more than ten years. With the improvement of aluminum processing technology, the introduction of aluminum surface powder spraying technology can not only spray a variety of colors, but also process a variety of texture effects, which also brings new developments for the development of aluminum alloy module signs vitality.
The development of aluminum alloy signs to today has produced great changes. Aluminum alloys are used in combination with acrylic, Chevron boards, aluminum-plastic panels, glass, solid wood, and artificial stones, and even multiple materials are used at the same time. A wealth of aluminum alloy profile identification products.
Good logo system design and production must be produced in cooperation with modern business philosophy and multiple technologies. Because it is both a medium and a carrier. But we have a long way to go.
Increase the diversity and flexibility of modular design, make the style novel, full of change, and more individual.
Improve the original processing technology, add new processes and new methods.
In terms of structural design, consider combining with other materials, such as engraving materials and fluorescent inks. Increase the scope and environment of applications.
Combining modern technology, such as lighting, sound, etc. This is especially required in outdoor signs. With the modernization of the city, the signs used in cities require lighting.
The modern logo is no longer a mere guide, it is a bright spot in modern cities. In addition, the connotation and extension of the logo can be expanded, and the decoration, landscape, and greenery logos have a lot to offer.
Source: 68 Sign