Classification of signs

10.01.2020 23:21

The function of signage is twofold:
First, the sign has the function of marking, and the sign mainly expresses its function through vision. For example: text communication, the mark is symbolic, directional, suggestive and so on. The text style can express character and background. Form and symbol together show symbolic and constructive meaning.
Second, signage is an information transmission medium, which has the function of advertising.
Classification of signs:
Classification by sign form:
1. Horizontal signage: The entire proportion is longer horizontally. Generally the entire surface is used as an advertising sign. It can be seen on the walls of small shops and large buildings.
2. Vertical signage: The entire proportion is longer vertically. Generally the entire surface is used as an advertising sign.
3, protruding signs: protruding on the wall of the building, in addition to the back of the entire surface or in the case of two walls, both sides are used as advertising carriers.
4, ground column signs: horizontal, vertical, three-dimensional signs marked on some fixed structures on the ground
5. Roof-type sign: It refers to a plate-shaped living cubic or magical sign that has some fixed structures on the roof of a building and is hung or adhered to it.
Classification by label material:
1. Smooth signs: Oily, very smooth signs on the screen or board.
2. Luminous material sign: Use luminous material sign (ie, we usually say neon lights).
3. Acrylic label (acrylic): use acrylic material as the main material of the board.
4. Metal sign: Unless there is a special plate surface, metal is used as the plate or the main material of the sign.
5. Electro-optic board: a sign that uses a light-emitting diode or a luminous tube to achieve a monochrome or color performance effect. With light-emitting diodes and expressions, they can be divided into five major categories, such as night light panels, LCDs, LEDs, CRTs, and FDTs.
Classified according to the purpose of use:
Time is different:
Illumination sign: For day and night use, install a luminous tube inside the sign or install a light projector inside or install a lighting lamp on the outside of the sign.
Non-illuminated signs: There are no signs for the single purpose of day and night use, and no lighting facilities.
Different locations:
Indoor signage: signs placed indoors, such as directional arrow signage, indoor reception signage, etc.
Outdoor signage: Signage located in all spaces not indoors.
The purpose is different:
Commercial sign: Generally refers to the sign set up for commercial purposes.
Public signage: A sign placed in a public place to announce information to the public or to publish certain information.
Source: 68 sign